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Paris’ Best Kept Secrets Revealed

Discover some of Paris’ best kept secrets and explore a part of the capital that isn’t widely known. Unlock the key into the exclusive past that Paris has to offer and do Paris like a local. So if you get time head down to some of these ‘off the beaten tourist track’ landmarks and locations for a secret slice of Paris.

Six Secrets of Paris:

1. Je t’aime Wall (Wall of I Love Yous)

Montmartre is a place where many sensitive souls find their release through arts and expression. This wall is a hidden gem in Paris and is a testament to the bringing together of loved ones in a divided world. Le Mur de Je T’aime will tug at your heartstrings and is a must-see if you’re travelling with a partner.

Square Jehan Rictus, Montmartre, 75018 Paris

Why not take the Petit Train de Montmartre up and get a free ride with the Paris Pass?

2. Les Arènes de Lutèce

The Arenas de Lutèce are some of the most famous relics that have survived from the Gallo-Roman era. The amphitheatre used to seat 17,000 people in centuries past (AD) and was used to present gladiator combats. Later it saved in a bid for restoration and repair by the famous author Victor Hugo. You still can observe the ancient grilled cages and the outline of the impressive structure to this day.

47-59 Rue Monge,75005 Paris

While you’re in the area, walk along the banks of the Seine to the Louvre to gain free entry into the iconic museum.

3. Paris Catacombs

The Catacombs have a somewhat eerie past; built to support the construction of the city in the 18th century as stone quarries, they were later used to store dead bodies from overcrowded cemeteries. At 20 metres below ground they ossuary is believed to contain the remains of up to six million Parisians. Definitely worth a visit if you like a bit of fear factor!

1 Avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy, 75014 Paris

For something similar, why not try the Museum of Sewers with the Paris Pass and get free entry to discover the underground tunnels of the oldest sewage system.

4. Père Lachaise Cemetery

Père Lachaise Cemetery is the largest cemetery in central Paris, spanning over 44 hectares. It was the first garden cemetery in Paris and is blossoming with manicured shrubs and tree lined paths throughout. It holds the remains of many famous names from Édith Piaf, Max Ernst and Oscar Wilde.

16 Rue du Repos, 75020

Head back into the centre and end your day with a show at the Lido for some extravagant Parisian entertainment. Use the Paris Pass to book a discounted dinner dance and show ticket.

5. Marché Couvert St-Quentin

For all the foodies at heart who want to experience a bit of French gastronomy on the go, head down to Marché St-Quentin. Full of a wide range of cheeses to chocolates, breads and beers, tuck into some European delicacies under its 19th century glass roof for a memorable – and delicious – trip. Open: Tuesday - Saturday 8.30am to 1pm and from 4.00pm to 7.00pm and on Sunday from 8.30 to 1.00pm.

85 Boulevard de Magenta

Why not try our free wine tasting at Ô Chateau with the Paris Pass if you fancy some more gastronomic delights.

6. Chinatown

Like many other cities, Paris has its very own Chinatown in the Triangle de Choisy. Among the high rise buildings you can find hidden Buddhist temples and a large Asian supermarket, as well as localised Chinese signage. If you’re in Paris for the Chinese New Year, make a trip to see the parade in all its splendour.

Belleville, 3rd arrondissement

For some culture-contrast, head to Palace de Versailles to immerse yourself in the French finery and luxury of a Parisian castle. Enter for free with a Paris Pass.

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