Insider's Tips

Looking for the insider's tips to visiting Paris like a local?

Everyone prepares for Paris, but not many consider the best practices once they get there. You don’t want to visit Paris unawares or unprepared, so here’s a list of insider’s tips and hits to make your trip just that bit easier:


- Don’t start your day on an empty stomach. Paris is a large and sprawling city and with lots of sights and attractions to see, you need to make sure you’re fuelled for the day. Tuck into a French pastry from a local patisserie and sit down with a chocolat chaud for a sugar kick.

Mobile Phone

- In case of emergency, carry your mobile phone on you at all times. Make sure you save the number 112 if you don’t already know it. Save some in case of emergency phone numbers in your phone as well, should someone need to get hold of your next of kin.


- Don’t lose all your precious memories and experiences of your trip by leaving things to chance. Make sure you back up your camera every night in case. Also, get into the habit of charging your camera and mobile phone after your days sightseeing as well so you are fully powered for the next day.


- Like any city, pickpockets operate around certain areas of Paris. Be advised to keep an eye on your belongings at all times and not keep any bags or pockets open, or full of valuable items. Should you need to report anything stolen go to a local police station.

Métro Map

- Carry a metro map on you to plan your journeys, available at Métro stations. Alternatively, download a metro app to help you on your way – this can also help you chose the most efficient way to travel.

What to wear

- The season’s in Paris are subject to change and you can’t guarantee what they weather will be, so best pack for every eventuality. Take an umbrella during the winter months, as well as plenty of warm clothing. In the summer, the sun can get very hot so make sure you pack sun cream and drink plenty of water as the tube lines and walking around the city can get very hot at times.