Enjoy a behind-the-scenes visit to France's national Stade de France and explore the home of the French football and rugby teams with a guided tour

The sixth-largest stadium in Europe and 10th-largest stadium in the world, the Stade de France was opened in 1998 and has hosted matches from the 1998 FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League finals in 2000 and 2006 as well as the 1999 and 2007 Rugby World Cup, making it the only stadium in the world to play host to both the Football World Cup and Ruby World Cup finals.

Home to French football and rugby, host of international track and field events as well as a venue for cultural and music concerts for artists such as The Rolling Stones, Beyonce and Bruce Springsteen. Relive some of the greatest moments from the Stade de France's history and create your own memories!

Visit the Stade de France museum and explore the permanent exhibition of the Stade de France's history from 1995 to present day. Retrace the iconic venue's construction and historic events that have taken place in the stadium. From archives and videos to replica sets, signed guitars, sports jerseys and more, there's plenty to discover!

Tour duration: 1 hour 30


  • Guided tour in French or English
  • Behind-the-scenes access to the Stadium
  • Visit the changing rooms and get pitchside
  • Stade de France museum

Did You Know?

  • The total cost of the stadium was approximately €290 million
  • The first match played at the Stade de France was on 28 January 1998 between France and Spain. France won the match 1 - 0 with Zinedine Zidane scoring the winning goal.
  • The Stade de France is the biggest modular stadium in the world with three galleries.
  • The Rolling Stones, U2, Guns 'n Roses, Muse, Rihanna, AC/DC, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Prince, One Direction and Eminem have all performed at the Stade de France

How to Get There

- Saint-Denis – Porte de Paris (line 13)
- RER B : La Plaine Stade de France 
- RER D : Stade de France – St Denis 
- Tram n°1 : St Denis Basilique stop 
- Tram n°8 : St Denis Porte de Paris stop

The opening and closure times may change. For updated timings, please check the official attraction page.

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1 April - 31 August
Monday 14.00 (EN), 16.00 (FR)
Tuesday 14.00 (EN), 16.00 (FR)
Wednesday 14.00 (EN), 16.00 (FR)
Thursday 14.00 (EN), 16.00 (FR)
Friday 14.00 (EN), 16.00 (FR)
Saturday 14.00 (EN), 16.00 (FR)
Sunday 14.00 (EN), 16.00 (FR)
1 September - 31 March
Wednesday 16.00 (FR)
Thursday 14.00 (EN), 16.00 (FR)
Friday 16.00 (FR)
Saturday 14.00 (EN), 16.00 (FR)
Sunday 14.00 (EN), 16.00 (FR)

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93200 Saint-Denis, France


+33 1 42 46 92 10

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