3, 2, 1… Virtual becomes a reality, and your journey through Paris begins!

Flyview is the stylish cultural leisure site, offering spectacular virtual-reality experiences on The City Lights. Step into the unknown and discover Paris’ most exceptional locations from the comfort of this ultra-modern hub. 

Tailor your package by choosing two virtual reality experiences. Take your pick from ‘The Incredible Fly Over’, Paris Undercover’ and ‘Rebuilding Notre Dame’.


  • Enjoy a 360° immersive experience filmed in high-resolution and delivered through state of the art VR headsets with special effects and 3D animations.
  • Discover unique stories about the capital explained by your virtual tour guide.
  • Choose from three virtual reality experiences offering spectacular views of some of Paris’ most iconic monuments.

Did You Know

On the 15th April 2019, a structural fire broke out beneath the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral. The fire lasted nearly 15 hours and resulted in severe damage to the roof and upper walls, while the spire had collapsed entirely. 

Today, eight restoration scientists have taken the lead in one of the most famous restoration projects of modern times intending to restore this historic cathedral to its original splendour.

Don’t Miss

The Incredible Fly Over:

Load up your jetpack and set flight over Paris. This 360° virtual tour gives you a birds-eye view of the capital. Your flight will take you across iconic Parisian monuments. Immersive video and a dynamic movie platform combine to provide you with the thrilling sensation of flying. 

Put on your jet pack, take off, accelerate, and stop to enjoy panoramic, immersive views. Then turn, swoop and get up close and personal to every monument in this thrilling augmented reality experience.

As a bonus, extend your tour and journey across the worlds’ seven natural wonders. Visit the Great Wall of China, Victoria Falls, Angel Falls, Lake Baikal, the Kambalnaya River, the Raja Ampat archipelago and the Mont Blanc. Venture across the world from Asia, Africa, South America and back to Europe.

35 seats. 48 mins.

Paris Undercover: 

If you’ve ever wanted to visit the real hidden gems of Paris, now you can with this innovative virtual tour. Learn the unusual stories and secret hideaways that bring Paris to life from a fresh perspective.

Teleport to inaccessible spots across the city. Discover the underground machinery room of the Eiffel Tower. Experience Europe’s largest canopy at the Grand Palais’, and climb up the Sainte-Chapelle spire to explore the secret halls of Panthéon.  

32 seats. 35 min

Rebuilding Notre Dame: 

Travel back in time and witness the inside of Notre Dame de Paris as it stood before the fire. View the vast central nave, characteristic gargoyles, iconic bells and sacristy. Explore the rich history of this exceptional cathedral dating back centuries.

This immersive experience then takes you behind the scenes to see the cathedral in its current state, mid restoration. Stand in the epicentre of the ruined cathedral, at the very spot where the flaming spire crashed through the vault. Witness the fractured marble and floor strewn with rubble. This gripping tour transports you to the centre of the event with a uniquely emotional twist.

32 seats. 35 mins

For more information on each tour, please visit the official attraction page.

How to get there

Train: Metro Lines 3,7,8 (Opéra station)

Bus: 20,21,22, 52, 81

Make the most of your Paris Pass

Flyview Paris has both wheelchair and elevator access, for more accessibility information, please check the official attraction page.

Please exchange and pick up your entrance ticket at Flyview Paris (30 rue du 4 Septembre 75002 Paris).

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Fabulous! The Paris Pass was great to have on hand during our trip. We only had 5 days, and with 3 children in tow, we wanted to keep things moving as much as possible. We would absolutely recommend utilizing The Paris Pass. In order to get the most out of it, I would encourage you to carefully look through the guidebook so that you can plan out a general guideline to follow for your trip to make sure that you are using all of the opportunities. Enjoy!
Jodie Porteous from Canada


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