Due to the fire on April 15th, Notre Dame is closed until further notice. 

See the world-famous gargoyles and stained glass windows at Notre Dame, the 13th century French Gothic Cathedral

The impressive Notre Dame Cathedral sits on the Île de la Cité and is considered one of the best examples of French Gothic architecture in the world – not to mention its huge scale means it’s also one of the largest, too. Built in the mid-14th century, with its gargoyles and stained glass windows added over time, it’s now one of the most recognised churches in the world – and thanks to Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, it’s a favourite of both adults and kids alike.

Please note:
Due to the high season, you must now book your entry time for Notre-Dame. Simply follow these instructions to secure your reservation:
1. Download the free app "Jefile"
2. Choose your entry time for the same day

If you do not have 4G or a smartphone, you will need to go to the front desk and pre-book your entry time. They will then send you an SMS or print a ticket with your visit time. 

Please note: due to high demand, reservations are often full by 14.00, so please be sure to make reservations early in the day. Reservations open at 07.30 for the same day


  • Huge 13th century organ and original gothic architecture
  • 10 large, original bells for visits to see running through the central aisle in the nave
  • Two towers with breath-taking views over central Paris and the Seine
  • Archaeological Crypts underneath the Cathedral that protect historical ruins

Did you know

  • Notre Dame translates to Our Lady from French, which is a reference to the Virgin Mary – stemming from its important Catholic roots
  • There are 387 steps up to the towers, of which there are two, and the south tower houses the heavy Emmanuel bell which weighs 13 tonnes!
  • Notre Dame is 400ft long – that’s the same length as 11.5 double decker buses
  • It is believed around 1,300 trees were used to build the famous Cathedral – even though the main structure is made out of stone

Know before you go

Opening and closing times may change. For updated timings, please check the official attraction page.

Don't miss

The Two Towers

Measuring 200ft in height, these towers provide some of the best viewing points in Paris. At the summit of 387 steps, it’s not only worth the climb for the panorama over Paris, but also to admire the stone gargoyles crouching on its ledge.

Gargoyles and Chimera

The iconic gargoyles and chimera that adorn the Notre Dame were built in the 19th century by Viollet-le-Duc. Now, they are some of the most famous things about the cathedral, however, the original purpose of the gargoyles was for the drainage system. Because they extend so far out of the wall, they were built into the ends of the gutters, with big round holes as mouths, to drain water away from the sides of the building preventing water damage. The chimera, on the other hand, were purely decorative and sit on a ledge surveying the people of Paris below.

Ringing Bells

Notre Dame Cathedral has 10 bells, from Emmanuel to Marie, Gabriel and Étienne, ranging from 13,271kg to 782kg. The biggest and oldest, Emmanuel sits in the southern tower and has been a part of the building since 1681. Emmanuel rings on the hour, every hour and for special occasions and celebrations. Historically, in 1944, Emmanuel was rung in celebration and triumph by French troops and allies to announce to the city that it was on its way to liberation.


The Great Organ was installed in the 13th century and has five keyboards, 190 ties and 8000 pipes. Unsurprisingly, it’s the largest organ in France and the most famous organ in the world and has undergone countless restorations and improvements. It’s still used to this day in Sunday services, drawing in international organists to perform, as well.

How to get there

- Cité (metro 4)
- Saint Michel-Notre Dame (RER B & C)

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Closures: access to the south belfry and Emmanuel bell are closed until further notice.

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*Please note Notre-Dame is closed until further notice * 1st April – 30th September:
Monday 10.00–18.30
Tuesday 10.00–18.30
Wednesday 10.00–18.30
Thursday 10.00–18.30
Friday 10.00–18.30
Saturday 10.00–18.30 (23.00 July-Aug)
Sunday 10.00–18.30 (23.00 July-Aug)
Last Admission: 45 minutes before closing
*Please note Notre-Dame is closed until further notice * 1st October – 31st March:
Monday 10.00–17.30
Tuesday 10.00–17.30
Wednesday 10.00–17.30
Thursday 10.00–17.30
Friday 10.00–17.30
Saturday 10.00–17.30
Sunday 10.00–17.30
Last Admission: 45 minutes before closing

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