Visit the Dali Exhibition to see some of Dali's famous works, including The Space Elephant and Alice and Wonderland, as well unknown sketches 

In the heart of Montmartre, the famous artists' village, the Espace Dalí presents the largest collection of works by Salvador Dalí in France. This collection is the result of extravagant inspiration of this iconic artist of Surrealism: theatrical sculptures, erotic drawings, dreamlike or irresistibly funny, poetic objects and furniture, populate the fantasy world of the inventor of soft watches.

The Surreal 3D
With Dalí, everything is subject to change by magic: Elephant Space paws of wader seems flee weightlessness, a watch runs a branch, a snail spreads its wings and Venus dons drawers.

Tales and Wonders
On an encyclopedic culture, Dalí was fascinated by the great themes of literature, mythological or religious. He illustrated by multiple techniques for universal texts: Alice in Wonderland, Romeo and Juliet, Don Quixote, The Bible ... but also more personal works, such as Moses and Monotheism or Alchemy of the Philosophers. Each of these works is an art object.

 Sculpture, drawing, watercolor, etching, lithography, the Espace Dalí invites us to explore themes of his work: the dream, mythology, sensuality ...


  • The only permanent museum and art gallery in France dedicated to Salvadore Dalí and his works
  • Highlights major themes of universal literature, mythology, history, and religion
  • Displays the artist’s most famous surrealist masterpieces including sculptures and illustrations

Did you know:

  • Salvador Dalí’s brother was also called Salvador but he died 9 months before the artist was born – this lead Dalí to believe that he was the reincarnation of his brother, a theme which is often present in his works
  • Dalí’s eccentric nature was felt right at the start of his career when he attended the School of Fine Arts in Madrid and experimented with Cubism – before being expelled
  • After moving to Paris and meeting Pablo Picasso he joined the Surrealism group, based in Montmartre
  • Dalí and his wife fled to America, where they lived for eight years, during WWII
  • The artist is believed to have created over 1,500 paintings in his life time (before he died in 1989) – and this doesn’t include his drawings, sculptures and short films, among other artistic outlets…

Don't miss:

Dalinian Sculptures

Dalí’s sculptures (and any piece of art for that matter) are highly recognised for his iconic style. At the Espace Dalí you can see The Space Elephant a bronze sculpture depicting ‘the temptations of St Anthony’ which he used to symbolise the power of temptation with the glass obelisk. Another famous sculpture is his Alice in Wonderland, another bronze sculpture believed to represent and connect with Dalí’s own dream-like influences in his artistic expression.

Unknown sketches

Although Dalí is most famous for his sculptures in bronze, melting clocks and paintings, there is also a huge body of work that it unknown by the most of the public. Explore his huge collection of pencil drawings in the Espace Dalí and learn about some of the more unrecognised pieces in his body of works.

September 9, 2016 to March 31, 2017

This exhibition gives carte blanche to Joann Sfar, one of the most talented contemporary storytellers - known to the public for his comic The Rabbi's Cat and her Heroic Life Gainsbourg film - to imagine the scenario of an artistic encounter with the one Brassai called "the browser as bold as lucid irrational."

The exhibition is an invitation to "travel still" of a painter and his models moving between dream and reality, in the course of writing in drawing Joann Sfar. In a setting delighted with the sculptures and surrealist objects Dalí and Haute Couture creations of Schiaparelli that inspired the artist, nearly 200 original drawings, sketches, sketches to discover.

How to get there:

- Anvers (metro 2)
- Abbesses (metro 12)

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