Enjoy a guided wine tasting tour at Les Caves du Louvre and learn about French wines in an historic royal cellar!

The French are some of the best wine connoisseurs in the world (we even use their term for it!). Les Caves du Louvre is a superb historic wine cellar offering a memorable wine-tasting tour experience. Wine Tasting is an excellent way to help you learn the basics: colours, flavours and smells of three wines in Les Caves du Louvre’s historic cellar.

From Sauvignon Blanc to Châteauneuf-du-Pape, you will be guided through a world of learning, exploring and tasting. The experience combines historical insights with wine-tasting education and you will also get to taste 3 French wines - saving you €32!

Your english tour will guide you through an unforgettable moveable wine-tasting experience through the iconic cellars at Les Caves du Louvre. This fun and surprising tour is designed to boost your wine knowledge, please your palate and titillate your senses.


  • Explore an historic royal cellar
  • Taste 3 French wines
  • Learn the tricks of the trade from a trained sommelier
  • Enjoy a guided tour in English every hour or enjoy a free bottle of wine if you choose a self-guidd tour with their app downloaded on your smartphone
  • Try out wine tasting techniques
  • Discover the wine producing regions in France
  • Fun and educational 1 hour experience

Did you know:

  • The French are the highest consumers of wine in the world at an impressive 60lt per person
  • French people generally prefer red wine as a trend, second rosé and third popular is white
  • It’s not a surprise to learn that France produces more wine than any other country – a staggering 550 million cases are produced per year!
  • 85-90% of wine is made up of water - so you could claim some health benefits of the drink…

Extra info:

Advance booking on Caves du Louvre Website is required

Free wi-fi is provided.

This experience is an adult-only tasting session. If you have bought a Child/Teen Paris Pass, your child/teen will not be allowed to participate in this event. Children and teenagers may be able to accompany their parents in the tasting room, providing there is space available but will no be served wine (per French laws). On the plus side, there is a comfortable waiting area with free Wifi where they can relax and wait for the hour while their parents attend the tasting.

How to get there:

- Louvre-Rivoli (metro 1)
- Pont-Neuf (metro 7)

Make the most of your Paris Pass:

- A stone’s throw from the Louvre, you can use the Paris Pass to get free and fast track entry into this world famous art gallery when you’re finished.
- The opening and closure times may change. For updated timings, please check the official attraction page.

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Thursday 4:30PM
Friday 4:30PM

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52 Rue de l'Arbre Sec, 75001 Paris


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