Free 120+ page Paris Guidebook to discover more of Paris

This comprehensive guide is packed with handy tips, detailed street maps and a map of the public transport system. It's an excellent tool to help you prepare before you travel and vital during your trip to Paris as it lists all the attractions and deals that come with The Paris Pass - and it conveniently fits it your pocket, too!

Each attraction has its own feature in the guidebook with useful visitor information includingParis Pass Guide

  • A map of the area around the attractions
  • Exact address details
  • How to get there, which bus or metro line you should take
  • Attraction contact number
  • Opening times
  • Attraction website details if you are looking for any additional info


Our detailed guidebook (which comes in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese) is the perfect resource to help you discover Paris to the fullest and help you plan diverse itineraries with great ideas of things to do.

Whether you’re at home or already in Paris the guidebook helps you identify attractions that suit your tastes and their location so you can plan the perfect itinerary.

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Can't wait to get your Guidebook? You can download a pdf version of the Paris Pass Guidebook for free here.

Whether you’re still at home, or have already arrived in Paris, our handy guidebook is the perfect resource to help you on your trip to Paris, packed full of useful information, itinerary ideas and maps. 

Download your free Paris Guidebook.