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Places of Interest

Places of interest in Paris

Paris is packed with plenty of exciting and interesting things to do and to see. It is city of romance, history, culture and beauty with so many places of interest there’s always something to please everyone.

Wine tasting and France go hand in hand, some of the finest wines in world can be found here. With the Paris Pass, you get a lesson in tasting techniques while enjoying some of the best wine the country has to offer at the Ô Château wine tasting.

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  • STAR ATTRACTIONÔ Château Wine Tasting

    France and Paris is home to the finest wine in Europe. From champagnes to Bordeaux’s the variety is wide and the quality is high. Normally €30.00

  • STAR ATTRACTIONOpera Garnier Guided Tour

    The Palais Garnier is the thirteenth theatre to house the Paris Opera since it was founded by Louis XIV in 1669. Normally €14.00

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