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Historic Buildings

Historic Buildings in ParisThe historic buildings of Paris are arguably some of the most intriguing in Europe. From cathedrals to chateaux, palaces to museums Paris is rich with exquisite architecture and culture, making it one of the most beautiful cities to embark on a sightseeing adventure.

No visit to paris is complete without a trip to the infamous gothic cathedral of Notre Dame- a truly historic building over 800 years old. Paris is also home to some stunning palaces and castles including The Palace of Malmaison and the Palace of Versailles.

You can explore these and many more historic buildings in Paris absolutely free with a Paris Pass. On top of that the Paris Pass includes a Travelcard with access to Paris’ public transport system. This allows you to get around the city with ease and visit each of it's fantastic sights.

Visit the best Historic Buildings in Paris for free with the Paris Pass

Historic Buildings FREE with a Paris Pass

  • STAR ATTRACTIONNotre Dame Cathedral

    The construction of the Gothic Notre Dame Cathedral, undertaken at the initiative of Maurice de Sully, began about 1160 and amazingly was completed within 40 years. Normally €8.50

  • STAR ATTRACTIONPalace of Versailles

    The Palace of Versailles, is one of the largest and most opulent castles in the world. Boasting around 2,143 windows, 1,252 fireplaces, and 67 staircases, the Castle is one of the most visited attractions in France. Normally €18.00

  • The Army Museum

    The Army Museum at Les Invalides was originally built by Louis XIV as a hospital and home for disabled soldiers. Normally €9.50

  • STAR ATTRACTIONLa Conciergerie

    La Conciergerie has been the central seat of authority and justice in Paris for almost 1000 years. Normally €8.50

  • Sainte-Chapelle

    Sainte-Chapelle was an architectural and aesthetic marvel of its day and at one time the most important and holy place in the whole world. Normally €8.50

  • Archaeological Crypt of Notre-Dame

    Beneath the streets of central Paris, the Crypte Archéologique is a huge and haunting space extending 80m under the shadow of Notre Dame Cathedral and an intriguing attraction for any visit to Paris. Normally €6.00

  • The Palace of Malmaison

    The Châteaux de Malmaison, also known as the Palace of Malmaison, takes its name from the Normans who once invaded France. Normally €6.50

  • Basilica Cathedral of Saint-Denis

    The Basilique Royal de Saint-Denis is the burial place of French royalty in Paris. It is a necropolis, a stunning edifice to the dead, full of hauntingly beautiful funeral sculptures, mausoleums, and tombs. Normally €7.50

  • House of Auguste Rodin at Meudon

    Built in the style of Louis XIII the Maison d’Auguste Rodin a Meudon villa on the outskirts of Paris was the home and workshop of the sculptor Auguste Rodin. Normally €10.00

  • Château de Maisons-Laffitte

    The Château de Maisons-Laffitte was designed by François Mansart and built between 1630 and 1651. It is a fantastic example of the French baroque style and an important building in the history of European architecture. Normally €7.50

  • Châteaux de Champs-Sur-Marne

    Marvel at the impressive 18th century Châteaux de Champs-Sur-Marne, a beautiful French mansion in outer Paris. Famed for its structure and size, its featured in films from Dangerous Liaisons and Marie Antoinette. Normally €7.50

  • Château de Pierrefonds

    The Château de Pierrefonds is a majestic and beautiful palace which has weathered the whims of kings for hundreds of years and is certain to be a favorite of any Paris visitor. Normally €7.50

  • Château de Vincennes

    The Château de Vincennes is an imposing 13th century fortress which has stood at the heart of French history since its construction. Normally €8.50

  • Château Fontainebleau

    The magnificent Château du Fontainebleau has been the main summer residence for French Monarchs for hundreds of years. Normally €11.00

  • Château de Compiègne

    The Château de Compiègne was a royal residence built for Louis XV and restored by Napoleon. It was one of three seats of royal government, the others being Versailles and Fontainebleau. Normally €7.00

  • National Museum of Port-Royal de Champs

    The Musée de Port-Royal des Champs was at one time a famous school. Normally €4.50

  • Château de Rambouillet

    The Château de Rambouillet, which is the summer residence for the Presidents of France, is located in the town of Rambouillet, 30 miles southwest of Paris. Normally €8.50

  • Villa Savoye

    The Villa Savoye is a masterpiece of 20th century design and one of the greatest works by the Swiss architect Le Corbusier. Normally €7.50

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