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Notre Dame Cathedral

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The construction of the Gothic Notre Dame Cathedral, undertaken at the initiative of Maurice de Sully, began about 1160 and amazingly was completed within 40 years.

Around 1250, Jean de Chelles built the north arm and began work on the south arm, which was completed by Jean de Montreuil.

From the middle of the 13th century to the beginning of the 14th century, the chapels of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris were constructed between the buttresses of the nave. The buttresses next to the chevet were built by Pierre de Montreuil and are particularly fine.

The Towers of Notre Dame Cathedral are amongst the great delights of the cathedral and, provided you have the energy for the ascent, they provide a spectacular view over central Paris. The Towers ascend to 387 steps (400ft) above ground level.

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris is justly famous throughout the world. Almost intimidating in its gothic splendor, this is the work of hundreds of craftsmen and centuries of labour- an astonishing testament to cooperative civilisation.

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1 April – 30 September:
Monday 10.00–18.30
Tuesday 10.00–18.30
Wednesday 10.00–18.30
Thursday 10.00–18.30
Friday 10.00–18.30
Saturday 10.00–18.30 (23.00 July-Aug)
Sunday 10.00–18.30 (23.00 July-Aug)
Last Admission: 45 minutes before closing
1 October – 31 March:
Monday 10.00–17.30
Tuesday 10.00–17.30
Wednesday 10.00–17.30
Thursday 10.00–17.30
Friday 10.00–17.30
Saturday 10.00–17.30
Sunday 10.00–17.30
Last Admission: 45 minutes before closing

Closed: 1st January, 1st May and 25th December

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